iOS・iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone6/6s,iPhone 7対応・"See you on the 7th."

Apple wallpaper for iPhone6/6s,iPhone 7


  1. 2016年9月のイベント"See you on the 7th."の壁紙です
  2. iPhone6/6s,iPhone 7専用サイズの壁紙です。
  3. ホーム画面にもロック画面にもお使い頂けます
  4. 詳しくはこちらを読んで下さい

Hi there! Hello! Bonjour!Hey hey hey! Recently, Android is very low-cost, high iPhone is not selling! Is a very high price! But I us "there is no iPhone life" can not be considered! No iPhone No Life. So, I made wallpaper of the 2016 event. Look at you. use! Come again.

iPhone6/6s,iPhone 7用壁紙 Keynone September 2016

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