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like a Tiffany iPhone6ブルーボックス壁紙

BlueBox wallpaper iPhone6 only


  1. ティファニーの箱っぽい壁紙です
  2. こちらの月表示アイコンと合わせてブルーボックス風になります
  3. 本体を動かさずに設定して下さい。アイコンの位置にぴったり合うように作っています。

Hi there! You're looking for a simple and stylish wallpaper? OK! Like it's a beautiful wallpaper, such as the Tiffany blue box. iPhone6 it is making a dedicated. If you set it by placing the iPhone on a horizontal place looks like there is a "blue box" in the hands at any time. You can also use right now. Thank you.

Tiffany Bluebox wallpaper

Please save it in the long press the image

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