iOS・iPhone Wallpaper

like a Tiffany ブルーボックス壁紙・棚

sherif wallpaper iOS7 only


  1. ティファニーの箱っぽい壁紙です
  2. こちらの月表示アイコンと合わせてブルーボックス風になります

Wallpaper dock disappears. Very simple to suit you iOS7,iOS8. Dock is off again Once your "Settings" as it is.
OK "Settings" wallpaper of the gradient to move to the center in "move and scale". Set in white with swipe to the left.
Use by turning on the parallax effect of iOS7,iOS8,iOS9.

ドックが消える壁紙 スペシャル

Please save it in the long press the image

Safari キャッシュクリア
Learn Safari Clear cache