iOS・iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone・棚壁紙・縦 濃いモノトーン

iPhone6Plus Shelf wallpaper


  1. 縦方向の棚の壁紙です
  2. 設定は机等に置き、本体を動かさずにしてください。そのままで位置がぴったり合うように作っています。
  3. 横方向はこちら
  4. アイコンの形の棚はこちら
  5. 壁紙の詳細はこちらを読んで下さい

Hi there! It's "portrait shelf wallpaper" that is available now. Ideal for icon organize. Beautiful retro color this wallpaper, and trying to immediately set. Let's organize the icons for different purposes! And be careful because it is each model. This is a dedicated "iPhone6Plus". Thank you!

iPhone6 棚の壁紙

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