iOS・iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone / Android用・動く棚壁紙 スカイ×グローホワイト

iPhone6 Spiral wallpaper


  1. 視差効果をオンにし、本体を動かすと回転します。
  2. 設定は机等に置き、本体を動かさずにしてください。そのままで位置が合うように作っています。
  3. 詳細はこちらを読んで下さい

It is a wallpaper that moves. I move propeller so that around. Set to rest on a horizontal surface as much as possible without moving. To return to the original open the folder also shifted, and to sleep. It is a wallpaper to enjoy the manner in which you work with (not to reduce the parallax effect) and on the parallax effect. Enjoy.

iPhone6 動く棚の壁紙

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