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Christmas wallpaper

  1. この壁紙は下記画像長押しでは保存できません。下部の画像をタップしてください。
  2. Merry Christmas
  3. クリスマスの壁紙です。1480×2631サイズでiPhone全機種対応しています
  4. 横向きランドスケープ対応しています
  5. こちらをご一読ください

Hi there! Also 2014 end soon. I'm surprised! Set this beautiful Christmas wallpaper to All iPhone. Beautiful wallpaper enough to be entranced. You've got to tap the image below. Image will open in a new window. Save it in the long press. Now, the white set from the photo app on the screen!
Perfect for the holiday season. Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love.
Use by turning on the parallax effect of iOS.


Now tap. Save the image of the new window.

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